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Democratic Primary: Info About Ted Crane

Ted Crane's 2021 Candidate Statement

Ted Crane's 2019 Candidate Statement

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Ted's "Danby" Opinions Over The Years
Aug-2016 Danby Highway Superintendent: Elect or Appoint PDF

Ted's Recently Published Articles
31-Aug-2019 Ithaca Journal: Playing Well With The Power Industry PDF Original text
13-Jul-2019 Ithaca Journal: Life Near A Gravity Well PDF Original text
08-Jun-2019 Ithaca Journal: EV Vehicles Hate Ithaca PDF Original text
27-Apr-2019 Ithaca Journal: EV charging PDF Original text
24-Apr-2019 Ithaca Times: What's a Watt? Ithaca Times Original text
22-Dec-2021 Ithaca Times: Dear Santa, About My Mail Ithaca Times Original text